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by | Jul 28, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Wow, what a busy few weeks it’s been at Quest Brothers Classic Cars!

As we settle into our new normal of covid-safe procedures, we’ve been blessed with a huge range of interesting projects, big and small. The full restoration of the Morris Minor is well into the rewarding reassembly stage, and every day it gets nearer and nearer to completion. Rod is busy with reassembly of the other projects and the cream Jaguar MkII is slowly going back together as parts are sourced and rebuilt, as is the Aston Martin V8, and Dennis in the Coachworks is diving head-first into the full restoration of a Triumph Renown. Well, technically it’s two Renowns at the moment as a parts car donates its impossible-to-source bits to get the better one on the road – more on this in our next update.

In the workshop we’ve been fettling a Rover P5 and readying it for regular use, we’ve made new brake lines for a Volkswagen Corrado and we’ve assisted in the recommissioning of a one-owner Porsche Boxster, among many other jobs. That’s not to mention hosting our first Drive Through Cars and Coffee in conjunction with Cambridgeshire’s Rural Coffee Project, the second of which is taking place this Sunday!

Paul and Hazel are always on hand for a friendly chat and to provide an estimate for jobs big and small, so please don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email if there’s anything we can help with.


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